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2017 - NPPF Review, UDG London
Midlands Regional perspective
2015 - Quantifying quality in RICS Land Journal.
Kruczkowski, S. and Martinelli, A.

2015 - Kruczkowski, S. and Martinelli, A.

2014 - Birkbeck, D. and Kruczkowski, S. 
The sign of a good place to live: Building for Life 12, CADBE.

2014 - Is there any value left in Building for Life?

2014 - Guardian article (online)
Quantifying quality in RICS Property Journal.

BBC Radio Nottingham (various dates)
Building for Life and car park design

BBC One (regional)
‘Inside Out’ programme – Brutalist architecture.

2017 - The Design Companion (RIBA)

2017 - Voice of Islam Radio London
Drive Time: Grenfell Tower ( 35:35)

2017 - ABC Radio Australia
High Rise Living (6:10)

2017 - BBC Radio Scotland
Grenfell Tower (1:12)        

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2017 - The Conversation
Grenfell fire aftermath: how 20th-century buildings can be made safer, not more dangerous                

2017 - The Conversation
A place to live, work and play: why mixed-use developments are making a comeback         

2016 - The Conversation
Seven simple ways to create healthy, happy neighbourhoods          

2016 - Nottingham Post
Hollygirt pupils celebrate opening of 'living playground' - By Tom Norton

2016 - The Urban Desing Journal, Issue 139
The Place Alliance Big Midlands Meet

2016 - The Urban Design Journal, Issue 139
Latin America
2016 - The Conversation
If nature is so good for us, why aren’t all public green spaces accessible?

2016 - The Conversation
You don’t have to build up or move out to tackle urban density

2016 - The Sunday Times
Interview by Alison Coleman: Rebuilding UK's run-down urban spaces. 27th March

2016 - BBC News (online)
Quoted by Jennifer Harby in her article
Industrial England: Pictures of our past and present

2016 - Urban Design Journal, Issue 137
The Laws of the Indies: 17th Century urban design guidelines for colonial Latin America

2015 - The Conversation
Here’s how we can learn to fall in love with shocking buildings

2012 - Urban Design Journal, Issue 123
Sustainable Drainage Systems and Urban Design

2012 - Urban Design Journal, Issue 123
The Urban Design Interview: Laura Alvarez

2012 - Urban Design Journal, Issue 123
Designing Place

2010 - Urban Design Journal, Issue 115
Public Art in the East Midlands

2009 - Urban Design Journal, Issue 110
Is Urban Renaissance Failing Humanism?

academic papers

Jun 2016 - The role of social network analysis on participation and placemaking - Sustainable Cities and Society

Apr 2015 - The Social Value of Place: An Appraisal Method for Sustainable Neighbourhood Development

Jan 2015 - A Bifocal-Ecological Approach for Enhancing Social Resilience in Neighbourhoods

Oct 2014 - A Bifocal Approach for Framing Social Resilience

May 2014 - The Resilience Timeline: A Tool for Framing Community Resilience and its Application on Empirical Meta-network Analysis