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Urban design in practice: site studies
Blaby District Council, UK
07.07.16 - we are thrilled to have completed a second training session for professionals within the district authority
participants wrote about their experiences...

Very enjoyable day. Would recommend to other authorities. Learning really helpful.

Grounding in theory followed by site visit and group work worked brilliantly!

Great day. Enjoyable and educational. I would recommend to other people. Practical exercises make a big difference.

Really enjoyable day. Interesting site visits relevant to activity which was a great learning experience and loads of fun.

Walks around city centre and looking at different squares was really useful in understanding urban design principles. Great day, cheers!

Really liked Nottingham. Enjoyed the practical work. Learnt quiet a lot. Good day!

Enjoyable, interesting, lots to think about, more than “what a building looks like”.

Enjoyable day. Learnt a lot and being on the site helped a great deal.

Very useful and applicable to the real world. Opened my eyes.

Interesting. Fun. Thought provoking.

Really enjoyable, well-paced and fun. Course content valid and relevant. Thank you.

Introduction to Urban Design
Blaby District Council, UK
09.06.17 - we are thrilled to have started a series of training sessions for a wide range of background professionals within the district authority
participants wrote about their experiences...

Great introduction to the basics of urban design in theory and practice.

Interesting and enlightening introduction to urban design. Very enjoyable and would like further learning.

Really enjoyed the course, found it interesting and useful. Thank you!

Lots of inspiration to create better places.

Very interesting. Flagged up a lot of issues that need thinking about when looking at schemes.

Really interesting and completely different angle on a planning application. Absolutely brilliant!

I thought it was excellent: well-presented and very engaging. It would be useful to know what this would look like as a design policy.

Interesting. Practical. Relevant.

Hugely informative and very applicable. Only wish we had longer to learn!

Very interesting!

Excellent course. Even as a planning enforcement officer I found the course and subject matter eye opening and very interesting. Thank you to both!

Great summary of design principles. Useful, practical exercises that are engaging. I felt like I learnt something new.

Really interesting. I liked the comparisons between what works and what doesn’t. Cheers!

Very interesting. I liked the emphasis on the fact that urban design is more than just detailed style of buildings, etc.

FANTASTIC! Made me think differently!

Loved this session. So interesting, great practical exercise too.

A great introduction to the basics of urban design. Really enjoyed the presentation and practical exercise. THANK YOU!


A great learning curve. I enjoyed the practical exercise.